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Do you remember an earlier article about Taming Your Inner Critic? Did you get a sense that it was going to take a bit more than one article to help you with this process? Well you were right! It’s actually taken quite a while for Zelda, my Inner Critical Judge, and me to begin to work together. Now she’s more of a Gentle Nudge. We’re actually becoming friends! And she’s asked me to let her help me share this process with [title>] you. So today I’m very excited to introduce you to my new video series: Zelda’s GoldStar Magic Minute. During each article, Zelda will get one minute to share a tip with you about making friends with your Inner Critic. Here’s Number One! https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=Ea51r55PEwE So why is Zelda suggesting that you name your Inner Critic? Because, as she said title>, our Inner Critics serves a purpose. She is trying to keep us on task and out of trouble; she's just not going about in the best way. So if we're going to "retrain" her, we need to build a relationship with her. And a good way to start that is by knowing her name. So, the next time you title> hear that harsh voice, take a breath, and another, and try saying something like, "I know you're trying to help. But it's not working. So how about if we try something different. Working together. Title> so would you mind telling me  your name?" then, just listen, and see what she says. You might be surprised. And in two weeks, Zelda and I will suggest what you can do next! Much love and many blessings,  

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